Harold Dennis 

Connie Dunn

Patricia Kelly 

Charlie Dunn

Connie Dunn

Anne Jenkins

Tom Jenkins

Al Lubiner

Elaine Lubiner

​Jennifer Martin

Rental Review Committee

Budget Committee

Ed Harding

​Curt Simon

Fining Committee

            Karol Kennedy                  Ed Harding              

    Sandy MacKinnon                  Robert Alexander  

                     Carolyn Colaluca                    

Fred Lavallee


Oak Hollow Property Owners' Association is managed by a board consisting of seven members.



                      Fred Lavallee

                      Janet Matheis

Maintenance & Planning Committee

Social Committee

​​​Bev Privee

​Curt Simon

Charlotte Newman

Mark Olson

​Susan Olson

Bev Privee

Bill Privee

​Jan Serenadi

Tom Serenadi

Environmental Control Committee

Curt Simon                     Marc Aubie

Carolyn Colaluca              Yaritza Cruz

Judy Barnhill

Barbara Bruce

Pat Cole

Frank Davis

Harry Dennis

Lucille Dennis

Gert Devantier

Board of Directors

Larry Ohlemeyer, President

Connie Dunn, Vice President/Secretary

Tom Jenkins, Treasurer

Frank Davis, Assistant Treasurer

Harold Dennis, Director

Steve Simon, Director

​Tim Snyder, Director